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GEARNET projects have been completed, but the Network is still alive! Learn about GEARNET projects in the news. Also, check out a GEARNET trawling instructional video series shot at the flume tank at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada in the Fall of 2012.

Click here to learn about a partnership with fishermen and a new approach to reducing marine debris that gives fishermen an easy way to turn old gear into energy!


Funded by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) Cooperative Research Program, GEARNET was formed in 2011 to address the need for an integrated, network approach to fishery gear conservation engineering, and fisheries research in general, for the Northeast region.

GEARNET’s mission is to help Northeast groundfish fishermen develop and adopt fishing equipment that:

  • Improves efficiency and selectivity,
  • Reduces environmental impact, and
  • Helps secure a sustainable, profitable groundfish resource and industry for future years.

Through GEARNET, infrastructure of partnerships have been build that enable network-oriented, sector-specific, fishing gear conservation engineering research. The GEARNET approach is bottom-up and highly collaborative. The findings are being shared with interested parties to promote transfer of knowledge and uptake of effective gear types within the region.


Want to save 10% or more on fuel costs by using semi-pelagic doors but not ready to take the financial plunge?

GEARNET has launched a new program that allows fishermen:

  • To test semi-pelagic doors on their own vessel for several trips for little or no cost
  • Free use of acoustic monitoring system during testing
  • Access a low-interest loan if they choose to buy their own.

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Interested in a training course in Trawl Technology?

Attend An International Training Course in Trawl Technology

October 26th - 31st, 2014 at The North Sea Centre Science Park Flume Tank, Denmark



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Final Reports to be posted in February, 2014!